Discussion Meeting

The Metal-Non Metal Transition in Macroscopic and Microscopic Systems

The Royal Society

6 Carlton House Terrace

London, SW1Y 5AG

5-6 March 1997


During the past decade, the study of the Metal-Non Metal Transition has re-emerged as one of the central themes and challenges in condensed matter science, with a number of exciting experimental and theoretical developments. In light of the continuing interest in this field, and also recognising that there is still much to learn and understand about this fundamental and fascinating area of science, this meeting will provide a forum for the discussion of Metal-Non Metal Transitions in systems as diverse as solid ceramics, liquids, expanded metals and clusters.


* Clusters

* Doped Semiconductors

* Expanded Metals

* General Features of MNM Transitions

* High Pressure

* Liquids

* Magnetism

* Oxides

* Superconductivity


A. S. Alexandrov (Loughborough)
P. A. Dowben (Nebraska)
J. E. Enderby (Bristol)
P. P. Edwards (Birmingham)
N. M. Harrison (Daresbury)
F. Hensel (Marburg)
Y. Iye (Tokyo)
R. L. Johnston (Birmingham)
G. Kotliar (Rutgers)
D. E. Logan (Oxford)
H. von Lohneysen (Karlsruhe)
W. J. Nellis (Livermore)
R. E. Palmer (Birmingham)
K. Rademann (Berlin)
T. V. Ramakrishnan (Bangalore)
C. N. R. Rao (Bangalore)
S. Sachdev (Yale)